The following is a list of shows that Dom will probably never dance in.

  • Chicago

  • Cats

  • West Side Story

  • A Chorus Line

  • An Actor Who Dances

  • Anything Goes

  • Everything Blows

  • The Nutcracker

  • Thoroughly Modern Millie

  • The 1939 FIlm Version of The Wizard of Oz

  • Look at that White Boy Dance! The Musical

  • Look at that Black Boy Dance! The Musical

  • Mary Poppins

  • 42nd Street

  • Uncle Jathanda‚Äôs 24-Hour Dance-a-ton of Jazz, Booze, and Liqueur: The Dancical!

  • The Dominic Rescigno Ballet

  • Spring Awakening

  • Fall-ing Asleep

  • Fun Home

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